for your engagement session. We're going to focus more on the "what not" to-dos as I believe once you have an idea of what you shouldn't do you're more inclined to know what you should do. 

So you're getting married, yay! And you both are natural models in front of the camera, right? Probably not and that's a good thing! (less selfie taking and more just living life) That's why you've hired a professional photographer aka your wedding photographer. I highly suggest using your engagement session as an opportunity to get to know who will be photographing you on your fantastic wedding day. It's a great way to get comfortable with being photographed, have fun and your photographer gets to learn all about the two of you while getting creative with you when there is no timeline! It's a win-win for everyone, especially your soon to be hubby. Most cases he doesn't have written in his calendar "Engagement Photos!!!" 


Don't wear outfits that expose your not so favorite parts of your body or a style of clothing that you do not usually wear. 

So many times as women we say we're going to get in shape for our wedding or our engagement session, some of us do, and some of us just keep saying we need to. For me, my arms are always the first thing that stands out to me in pictures. I always want tight, firm arms yet I do absolutely nothing to achieve them. Well, then I should probably steer away from strapless dresses or blouses. Stick to what works for your body type and what makes you feel beautiful. You don't want to be worried about what you're wearing on the day of shooting; you just want it to be apart of enhancing the shoot. 

Don't wear an outfit that is too revealing or too short or see through.

Remember these are photographs that are going to last many many years and you'll want to look back and be proud of the outfits you chose. Keeping the girls tucked away for this shoot may not be a bad idea. It's also important to remember length as you may be in positions sitting down, getting picked up, or even twirling so practice sitting, bending over and spinning to see if you still feel comfortable in that outfit or if it shows areas that you want to keep covered. If you have an outfit that you love but have to keep fidgeting with or pulling down, go for your next favorite outfit. 

Guys- Let your fiance know what you would like to wear that way you can coordinate to create a look you both want to wear that works well in the environment and style of the session. Yes, ladies, it is just as important that he enjoys what he's wearing.


Don't overdo your makeup and or opt for a new hairstyle right before your engagement session. 

Practice makes perfect, and you should have enough time to prepare for how you want your hair and makeup for your engagement shoot. If you don't usually wear makeup, then keep it light and natural for the session. Apply a clean base, a little blush, mascara, fill in the eyes brows, add some lips and you're ready to go. If you're one to not leave the house without looking perfect, then stick with that. Just keep in mind the mood and setting for your engagement session. Have your makeup and hair match the style of the shoot. 

Don't do your makeup if you do not know how to.

Invest in having your makeup done professionally. It is SO WORTH IT. 

Guys- Test out how you want your facial hair by seeing which day after shaving looks best the weeks before the engagement shoot. Don't get a haircut a week before your session.
If you have acne or razor bumps (redness) have your fiancĂ© apply a light amount of coverup. It will help! 


Your engagement session is all about not taking yourself so seriously and just getting to be yourselves while having a professional photographer create beautiful images of the two of you in love. These moments are some of the best times leading up until the wedding day. When you look back, you'll savor the moments of before you were married, how young the two of you were and by these moments you'll relive the feelings you had all over again. 

Guys- You're going to have a great time, and you'll be so excited for taking portraits at the wedding. Remember that you make your fiance feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, it's a gift that God gave men. This is when she's going to rely on you to bring that out of her. So at your session don't be shy! 

Okay, I have to throw in a DO. 

Do talk to your photographer. Call us up and ask for ideas or suggestions. I love being apart of selecting the final outfits. 

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