Congratulations on your engagement! What a beautiful time in your lives to cherish and celebrate. 

We’ve put together a list of helpful tips when planning to invest in an engagement photo shoot. Have a look and see what sparks your interest, we want your engagement session to be a fun memorable experience that captures you and your fiancé!


Couples Tip #1 – Invest in the photographer you love. Primarily, you’ve browsed through our portfolio and the pictures evoked a feeling of excitement or a moment of “awww,” or they simply made you smile. You know this is how you want to see yourself in your own photographs. Secondly, talk to your photographer. Let us answer your questions, make you feel excited, and connect with you. The best way you’re going to enjoy your time and trust us is to get to know us..we love face to face consultations!

When I say “invest”, I mean that – a professional photographer with a consistently beautiful portfolio and a good business style is worth what they are charging. Investing in a beautiful image created by a skilled artist brings returns that last your whole life, so put aside the funds you need to hire the artist you want.


Couples Tip #2 – Plan for an awesome session. Things that we’ll discuss:

• Location- favorite date spot, favorite activity for the two of you, or an exotic place to tell a beautiful story

• Theme- romantic, creative, goofy, editorial, combination of styles :)

• Best time of day for great light at your chosen location

• Wardrobe (this includes hair and makeup, and your partner’s outfit)

• Inspiration (what pictures from our portfolio stand out to you the most? What pictures from other photographers/Pinterest have you found that you love? Are you interested in more traditional poses, artistic, creative)



Couples Tip #3 – Location, location. Aside from the subject- you two love birds, location is what it’s all about. Granted you’ll look wonderful in any setting we plan your engagement session to take place at- an outdoor location of your choice or in the comfort of your own home. Weather permitting, outdoor locations offer beautiful natural light and creative backgrounds. Think of your favorite outdoor setting or if there is a place that holds a special meaning, if there isn’t one we know some great spots! The photographs at home can be very personal, inviting and intimate within the familiar feeling of your personal space. They can also create for a fun story telling approach should you want to go that route. Just be sure that your home is prepared for the upcoming shoot.


Couples Tip #4 – Timing. I suppose #1 and #2 are equally important however, lighting is everything when it comes to great photography and the “magic” light can really make you shine! The best outdoor lighting conditions are the two hours just after sunrise and just before sunset. Should we decide on an early morning session we’ll shoot outdoors first and indoors when the sun is higher. If in the afternoon, we’ll start indoors when the light is bright and chase the light outdoors as the sun begins to drop and the light softens.


Couples Tip #5 – What to Wear. The best advice is to go with what makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable. If you have a theme that you want to play off of that, let’s hear it. Typically if one persons has on a print then the other should be in a solid. Think complimentary colors. 

For inspiration on wardrobe check out our board at BlueStreamPhoto on Pinterest. 

Couples Tip #6 - Props. To include them or not to include them that is the question. Well why not at least make them an option, it’s better to have brought them and not use them then to wish how perfect it would be if you had. If you want more of a lifestyle session then most likely you’ll forgo the usual props so that the main focus is on you.

Couples Tip #7 – Get Inspired! Please enjoy browsing through the portfolios of fellow photographers, your friends’ engagement images, anywhere you can draw inspiration from. Get an idea of your style – is it soft and flowy, is it bold, bright, funky, warm, romantic, hip? Remember we want you to love what we’re able to create for you. Save some of the images you like and send them our way just keep in mind that they are meant to spark inspiration and we’ll create an image that is special and solely unique for you!


Bonus tip: Get your hair and makeup done professionally the day of your shoot. It’s totally worth it to indulge in a mini-makeover day, and get those ringlet curls or the blow-out you love, and have your makeup just right (and last throughout the shoot).



Dos and Don’ts

• Have you ring cleaned! 

• Avoid trying any new funky hairstyles before your session.

• Avoid using oily lotions on your skin prior to the shoot. They tend to reflect flash and fill lighting and can spoil shots.

• Try and have a manicure prior to the shoot as your hands are often the focal point of many of the photos.

• Lip gloss or chapstick makes a big difference in close up head and shoulder shots.

• Include your pets

• Be you :)